Five Points Check

Product Certification Tracking for Consumers

There are a sea of Farming Software Providers

Mesa Grove Five Points is all about creating an easy way for people to see lab tests on products and develop trust about the products they have purchased. Five Points Check is a selective program for our premier level businesses. If you see a certified Five Points Tracker then you know that it has been verified by a team member at Mesa Grove KNSIS.

We want to work hard to win your trust and we are highly committed in supporting reputable farms, manufacturers and distributors across the planet. With over 25 years of Data Science and Technology Experience, there is no project too complex to complete.

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  1. 1
    Business Verification

    Mesa Grove verifies the business source before activating the account.

  2. 2
    Lab Confirmation

    We confirm the labatory that are submitting COA or Product Certificates meets guidelines.

  3. 3
    State Compliance

    In cases where State compliance is required, we perform an additional lookup on both the business and the lab for permits.

  4. 4
    Product Feedback

    * Interact with providers and provide product improvements. Become a product ambassador and earn rewards.

  5. 5
    Closed Loop Reporting

    * Provide critical feedback to providers and help protect consumers by engaging in product quality reporting.

Lookup a COA, Lab Result, or history of a product by typing in the ID and clicking the search button.