MESA one

Data Science Platform for any Commerce Enterprise

Seed-to-Sale, Track-and-Trace, Weather, Big Data & Data Science all day

System Competencies

  • Creates BARCODES & Supports RFID
  • Public COA Records
  • Consumer Tracking
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Distribution Management
  • METRC Certified
  • Farming Cycle Workflow
  • Plant Genetics Cycle Workflow
  • Resource & Inventory Management
  • Weather Data & History
  • Security Systems
  • Custom Reporting
  • Timecard Management
  • Operational Control Center Screens
  • Big Data & Data Science Masters
  • Alerts for Weather, Activities, Events...
  • Full API
  • 24/7 Hands on Support

MESA one - Smart Sight©

Locate inventory at all times and automate your product cycles without the need of humans. Have invisible security zones that protect products and also send valuable data to State Compliance systems, like METRC at the same time.

MESA one - Bridge Work©

Integrations, Connectors, Sprockets, Widgets & More, Oh My! Check out these applications that 'MESAone' are super savvy and in cahoots with.