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We have developed our business into three categories all designed with maturing your company into new supportive technologies.

Marketplace Ready

Capture customers from key networks (Google, Yelp, Facebook and More) and convert them into sales. Rapidly deploy verticals, analyze traffic, easily dissect sales data, track inventory; make smart pivots and expand your business. Never worry about updates on our private platforms because they are all maintained under an enterprise design. Proven with two and half decades of operation in developing enterprise level solutions. We take your feedback seriously and make changes, sometimes daily, based on your needs. We want your business to run smoothly and will take any step to support your technology needs.

Retail Support

Sales tracking, performance tracking, 2D Barcodes, QR Codes, coupons, taxes, adjustments, COA management and location based terminals. Ask our agents why you should be using burned-in terminals at retail locations; our prod product is way more secure than iPads, Tablets or PCs for retail locations for endless reasons, there is no argument. We also offer water resistant and weatherproof units! We support cash drawers, thermal printers and everything you need to run a stand, cart, small shop or entire grocery store using our multi-terminal design!

Ag Tech

Mesa Grove at its core has a full plant and crop cycle management program, with detailed reporting about your farm. We integrated with top tier instrument companies to provide any farming operations with detailed information about their environment. We can track all Weather data, Soil Temp, Soil Moisture Level, Leaf Wetness, Watering Reports, Plant Health (leaf color and plant characteristics). We can can even setup boxes that capture bugs for Insect Reporting. Alerts and reports of any kind can be setup allowing the modern farmer to improve yield every time and prevent catastrophic events.

Mesa Grove Product Family

Mesa One

Mesa One

Our well integrated data platform features a user interface for our logistics, crop/plant cycle workflow, crop/plant location management, additive tracking, product resource management, point-of-sale, e-commerce, business sales tracking, KPIs and more - all in one. This is Enterprise Level Platform that provides vertical farms, manufacturers, extractors, packaging, distribution and retail location to manage their important business information.

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Mesa People

Mesa People

Business, Corporations, Warehouses and Farms need a platform to track employees, contractors and volunteers rapidly. Mesa People is a platform that allows people to connect with businesses and quickly log work based on location, duration and productivity.
Mary Safe Site

Mary Safe Site

Providing an online marketplace for our friends in family in emerging farming industry has been a great way to boost business. Mary Safe Site provides a secure and private platform for consumers to purchase goods. Featuring a member only access system, it is becoming an ideal place for delivery businesses, private brick-and-mortar and dedicated service providers to control customer access and provide a private one-on-one experience with your customers.
Five-Points Check

Five-Points Check

The ability to display COAs (Certificate on Analysis) proves that a product is safe for Consumers. It tell them that the product contains the right levels of ingredients and that it is free of Harmful Materials. The Five-Points Check platform provides the ability to manage your COA's and track consumer analytics at the same time.

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