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Information Technology Services

"Experience prevents critical mistakes"

We have decades of experience which gives us the ability to apply real technologies that make a difference in your business and not impact it. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California for 25 years of operations has given us constant access to bleeding edge technologies and applied sciences.

Information exchange, data management, communications, marketing support and analytics are confusing and radically important words when it comes to operating your business. You need someone that is focused on putting all that together. When you choose MesaGrove, you get a team of people with decades of experience helping customers just like you.

  • Marketing Platform Design (Professional setup of Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Internet Marketing (Content Management, SEO, Ad Campaign Design & Management)
  • Analytics and Statistics (Tag Management, Social Network Tracking, Mobile App Tracking)
  • Central Document Storage (Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Public Cloud)
  • Website Security Management (Application Security, Wordpress Security)
  • Multi Platform Masters (Laravel, Node, Django, Wordpress)
  • Big Data Management (AI, Machine Learning, Long Term Data Storage)
  • Technology Integration Partner (SalesForce, SAP, MailChimp, Tidio [w/ bots], Google Tag Manager, WeatherLink, ChartBeat, Domo, Tableau)

Hardware for Commerce

There are so many powerful technologies these days to support your operation. Here are some of the latest devices that we offer that are key in any Enterprise.

  • MESAone+ POS systems are super secure installations for your commerce needs. Each unit has a Steel 5 tray cash drawer w/ direct vault slot, LED keyboard, touchscreen monitor, 2d barcode scanner and a thermal receipt printer. These can be securely connected to your MESAone+ account and tied into inventory management and sales analytics.
    • Kona (7" POS) - Small Profile, Red Oak
    • Kaina (10" POS) - Table Top, Red Oak
    • Mauka (up to 27" screen) - Easy to use large screen comes in Maple, Pecan, or Red Oak
  • Handheld and Wide Area RFID Scanners
  • Wired and Wireless 2D/3D Barcode Scanners (starting at $20)
  • Steel Cash Drawers with keyed settings (starting at $95)
  • Thermal Printers for receipts (starting at $45)
  • Outdoor and Indoor 4k HD video surveillance and secure offsite cloud capture
  • Parameter Security Systems - Alerts for when dense objects approach areas of your facility
  • VOX, PBX, VOIP, LAN, WAN, Wifi, WiMax, CCTV, LTE, 5G integration experts

Agriculture Monitoring

Mesa Grove has partnered with several top tier instrument manufactures from around the World. Get realtime data to increase yields and reduce costs. Be proactive and not reactive in your agriculture operation.

  • Farm Weather - Temp, Wind Speed/Direction, Rain, Pressure, UV, Humidity, & Solar Irradiance (starting at $300)
  • Watering Counters
  • Soil Moisture & Temperature (starting at $95)
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Insect Capture & Reporting
  • AI Disease Monitoring (80+ disease models for 40+ different plant types)
  • Snow Height and Water Depth
  • LAN, Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular and Satellite Data Collection
  • Full NOC Designs - Giant TV's with all your farming information on it (starting at $995)

MESAone is a PaaS

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, which is the base design behind MESAGROVE and MESAone+. This allows us to rapidly release new features and designs that assist new and maturing customers using our platforms. The ability to enable these changes Worldwide in seconds is what sets MESAGROVE apart from the competitiion.

  • BigData Collection
  • Polyfill data designs
  • LEAP logging design (Log Everything and Anything Possible)
  • Extreme Data Retention Policies
  • Reporting and Project Management at the core
  • Weather Tracking
  • Environment Tracking
  • Commerce Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Resource Management
  • Plant Cycle Management
  • Marketing Management

METRC Certified Software

Please note that Mesa Grove is not affiliated with METRC. METRC is a State Based Data Collection service. MESAone+ can provide automated data communications with Metrc [] to improve your farm management experience.

Mesa Grove is METRC Certified in all the categories available for data collection.

  • Plants
  • Harvests
  • Packages/Distribution
  • Labs
  • Rooms
  • Strains
  • Items

* Please ask us for our State API list.

Full Service Support

Our Enterprise Class members have direct access to live program managers, engineers, service specialists and more. Your success on our platform is critical to us. We love technology and can get our software to do pretty much anything you can dream. Our support teams are quick to respond and are goal orientated focused on project delivery.

Developer API's

Mesa Grove has lots of side products that are typically integrated into your current solutions. We can connect to your important systems, like websites to list your COA's, label printers for QR codes, inventory tracking, RFID integration and more.

Billing and Inventory Visualization Together

Track your orders, watch plant lifecycle, develop KPI's, see inventory status, custom reporting and more.

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