Help with Scanning

Scanning QR codes, or 2D codes, on mobile devices is becoming increasingly easy. There are a lot of apps that provide QR code scanning available in the app stores.

Apple iOS Devices

Apple has made it simple to scan QR codes with their built in camera starting with iOS 11. Simply launch the camera app and then scan the QR code to locate the product in our database. Apple wrote this great article on how to use the Phone Camera to scan 2D codes.

Android OS Devices

Android devices featured lots of different apps that offer 2D Code scanning. The most common method of scanning QR codes on Android devices is using the built in Google Search Widget or Google Search App. Once you open the app, select the search by camera option and scan the Mesa Grove QR code. If you do not have the Google Search app installed, click here to download the app, we highly recommend using this great tool.

Lookup a COA, Lab Result, or history of a product by typing in the ID and clicking the search button.